Saturday, 19 September 2015

Sheena Douglass - PAINT FUSION

How about paint fusion on an old piece of furniture to give it a new lease of life, yeah !   I picked up this little piece for about £12.00 from my local ECCO shop it was old and not wanted in dark varnished wood. I painted the whole thing with chalk paint (on one of Sheena's shows she explained how to make your own using plaster paris mixed with some water and added to some old white emulsion paint) and this is what I done.  When paint dried after a few coats I sanded down and stressed round the edges with some sand paper. Next used one of Sheena's paint fusion stamps to stamp out my design and then paint fusioned over the top .  Well, not bad for first go and I am very pleased with it hee hee. Never done furniture before this was a whole new thing for me but I can honestly say, much enjoyed and have a little buzzy bee in my head to do another !   I still need to finish a few leaves at the bottom and when I get a few mins I will finish it off.  Oh, waxed over the top, this seals and protects the whole thing and comes out super soft with a happy shine !  Have a go, you will love :) :)

Finished (sort of)  Just a few leaves round the tiny bud at the bottom and stems.

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