Saturday, 19 September 2015

Sheena Douglass - Paint Fusion

Right, paint fusion, looks fantastic but no way can I do that - out of comfort zone , WRONG !!! Honestly,  I have seen so many beautiful designs from the girls it would have been rude not to have a go lol  If I mess up, its just paint and paper ;)   Well, Sheena designed the stamps to make it easy and that is exactly what it does, easy peasy !  Stamp your design, use the practice sheets to get use to the different strokes and then using the pebeo paint, choose the colour pallet you wish to use.  Its addictive !!!!  lol   The results from using simple brush strokes are stunning and what I am dying to do is combine this method with other stamps which I have laying about, you know, other flowers, leaves, swirls etc.....once you have mastered the technique it can be applied to most things and you could even use the technique without a stamp ;)   Just remember, you don't have to stick to the stamp design completely, its a guide.  Here are a few that I done, hope you like...and Oh, the sunflower was done with chalk paint, and that worked just great !   Happy Days :) xx


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